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Terms of use for Just get there

§ 1 Terms of use

These terms and conditions apply to the use of "Just get there". This website and the offer Just get there operated by the " Meyer and Lehnert supermassif GbR " (hereinafter called provider). There may also read the most current terms and conditions at any time. The provider preserves the right to alter or terminate the website, the terms of use and all services at any time without prior notice.

§ 2 Registration

To provide content at Just get there you need to acknowledge §3 of the instant terms of use. The agreement with the terms of use is a precondition to have a user or partner account with Just get there - according to §4.

§ 3 Providing content

The providing of content is reserved to registered users only. The user is solely responsible for the correctness and lawfulness of the provided content and he confirms that he is allowed to publish this content. On request of Just get there the user has to provide evidence of such authorization.

§ 4 Account creation

The user has no natural right to create or maintain a user account. The provider and the team around Just get there reserve the right to exclude persons - without prior notice - from the website and even to delete their account. The deletion or cancellation of an account may especially occur due to publishing or linking illegal or prohibited content.

§ 5 Privacy

For our privacy statement please have a look at the privacy paragraph at http://www.just-get-there.com/index/impressum

§ 6 Restrictions with respect to content

The provider only provides a platform to users. Each user is solely responsible for the content he / she provides. Only content specifically created by the user is to be uploaded. Pornographic, racist, insulting content or content which harms any law is invalid and must not be submitted to this website. The provider has the right but not the duty to check content provided by users and may delete or modify it without prior notice.